Its size and flexibility make it the ideal venue to welcome large national and international events.

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100.000sq m of multifunctional space in the heart of Parque Expo!

FIL is a venue located at Parque das Nações, entirely designed for the realization of events. Its four large pavilions are served by technical areas which guarantee great efficiency in organizing the events that take place on the premises.

On the premises, we highlight all the necessary infra structures for the realization of large size events: road and train accesses, airport, hotels, restaurants, cultural offers, etc.…

A history of success.

FIL was pioneer in Portugal in the organization and realization of events of international eminence. Since 1957, the year of the inauguration of its premises at Junqueira, FIL has welcomed millions of visitors and exhibitors originating from the four corners of the world. These were decisive steps leading to internationalization and growth of national economy. In 1999, with the move to its new premises at Parque Expo, FIL took a giant leap towards the modernization of the organization and realization of events activity in Portugal. From this time on, our country featured installations whose size, architecture, location and multifunctionality permit that it remains a permanent front runner in the route of large international events.

Somos uma organização da Fundação AIP


A Fundação AIP tem por fim promover, patrocinar e realizar acções que visem o desenvolvimento das actividades das empresas portuguesas, nos domínios associativo, técnico, económico e comercial, contribuindo para o crescimento da economia portuguesa, nos quais procura enquadrar a actividade da FIL nos mais diversos sectores.

Assim, a Fundação AIP estabeleceu para a FIL os seguintes Objectivos, Missão e Valores.