Project Manager and International Relations (Professional Internship)

Lisboa – Feiras, Congressos e Eventos is recruiting Project Manager and International Relations (Professional Internship) to join our permanent team after the internship.

We are looking for a responsible and analytical person, with strong time management skills to become part of our team at Lisbon Congress Centre.

What are you going to do?
· Develop new cooperation and internationalisation projects
· Analyse and prepare applications for funding programmes and other initiatives
· Identify opportunities for new initiatives that bring added value to the existing ones
· Develop, oversee and reinforce parterships with Embassies, Confederations, Chambers of Commerce and other entities, developing contacts to identify and create new business opportunities
· Enhance existing national and international relationships
· Support the analysis of new relationships with strategic places and entities
· Evaluate each project in a continuous improvement perspective, by proposing corrective and preventive actions

Who are we looking for?
· Recent graduate in Economics, Management, Marketing or similar
· Analytical and critical awareness mindset
· Good communication abilities (spoken and written) and interpersonal skills
· Experience in social media management and marketing intelligence knowledge
· Fluent English (spoken and writen) – know an additional language is valued
· Good knowledge in Microsoft Office (Excel is mandatory)

If you are interested in…
… Helping entrepreneurs succeed
… Participating in national and international projects
… Joining our permanent team at the end of the internship

… Please share your CV here

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