Civil Engineer (Professional Internship)

Lisboa – Feiras, Congressos e Eventos is recruiting a Civil Engineer (Professional Internship) to join our permanent team after the internship.

We are looking for a responsible, resilient and proactive person, and mainly someone who wants to lead a team with a growth mindset.

Main responsabilities:
· Plan, execute and control the necessary prevention and correction activities of the infrastructures and equipments of Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL) and Centro de Congressos de Lisboa (CCL)
·  Analyse and propose immediate and preventive corrective actions inherent to the maintenance of infrastructures and to the active devices associated to the provision of services in events
· Manage the construction and rehabilitation works needed for the proper functioning of the infrastructures
· Support document management and update technical plans of the Lisboa FCE infrastructures
· Ensure compliance with the legal regulations and internal procedures

· Recent graduate in Civil Engineering (Minimun Bachelor’s degree)
· Leadership oriented and strong interpersonal skills
· Persistent and emotionally intelligent to manage stress, critical situations and deadlines
· Experience with AutoCAD software is desirable
· Fluent English (spoken and writen)

If you are interested in…
… Becoming part of a dynamic team
… Participating in national and international projects
… Leading a multidisciplinary team
… Joining our permanent team at the end of the internship

… Share your CV, applying here for this career oportunity

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